Canis malefici

A modern fairy tale. Will be published in Black Cat Anthology in fall 2023.

Nine-picture aesthetic 1.Canis Malefici (title) 2. Fireworks 3. Rusty metal door on concrete over 4. Close up of black cat's face 5. Husky dog face 6. Foggy forest 7. person riding bicycle 8. Missing pet poster 9. Boy and girl in dark tunnel

See me not

A YA magic realism inspired by the French Canadian folktale La Chasse-Galerie/ The Bewitched Canoe

Published spring 2022 in Volume Four of Cloud Lake Literary.

Cover of Cloud Lake Literary magazine Volume 4 featuring a sunset, a snowy field, and a leafless tree
Five-picture Aesthetic 1-See Me Not (title) 2-Red canoe and paddles sitting on a lakeside at dusk 3-Wide view of city lights with mountain sin the background 4-Bowl of tomatoe soup and grilled cheese on the side 5-Clos-up of two twined hands