16-year-old Lyska struggles with self-esteem and a broken heart. She used to find solace in her art, but even that is ruined. Hoping time away will help her heal and reconnect with the muse, she takes on a house-sitting job west of the Rockies.

There, she discovers her talent for shifting to an ethereal plane called Dreamwake. The mystical wilderness restores her creativity. Convinced Dreamwake holds her key to happiness, Lyska escapes into art, until she crosses paths with Eli. Soon, she’s falling for him, but what little confidence she has regained is too fragile to embrace the fall.

Keeping his love at bay is like a beast clawing at her insides. The pain manifests as a bear, stalking her through Dreamwake and her artwork. To embrace love, Lyska must face the bear and find the strength to acknowledge her worth.