Sixteen-year-old Lyska recovered from mono, but after the rejection from the boy who gave it to her, she is suffering from low self-esteem and blank canvas syndrome. Now, the deadline to submit a portfolio for her high school’s fine arts program is looming.

As she struggles to create outstanding artwork, she develops a talent for lucid dreaming and finds herself in Dreamwake, a realm of natural wonders and uncanny creatures. One of them is a sleeping bear who both frightens and fascinates her. Even so, Dreamwake reignites her creative spark.

Soon, she discovers that she’s not the only dreamer around when she encounters sweet, enigmatic Eli. As they meet time and again, his quiet intensity captivates her so much that she risks losing sight of her artistic calling.

Although it breaks her heart, she retreats. As she pours her pain onto canvas, the Dreamwake bear awakens. It intrudes into her dreams and her paintings. Lyska must heed the bear’s invitation to a journey on which she might yet claim both artistic fulfillment and love.